How can you not think of Alexander McQueen on Halloween?  He found beauty in the grotesque.This incredibly talented tour-de-force of  fashion  could turn the unthinkable into something sexy and mysterious.

What you see here are 2 Styrofoam skeletons from Target sprayed silver. They are sitting on a huge pair of butterfly wings, a little girl’s costume, flower, also from Target. The cocktail forks were my mothers, could not resist. Have fun with your table decorations!

McQueen loved to  mix color and texture. Here is a pumpkin dressed in lace fabric, tied at the top with a rubber band. It is sitting on an Alessi bowl turned upside down. Mixing the unusual with traditional, straight lines with curves makes design much more fun. Check out his link and don’t forget to visit and Happy Halloween!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Alexander McQueen › Home › Exhibitions‎. This show was amazing.


Meet Maurice Bennett, the “The Toast Man”. I like working with vegetables, and he likes working with bread!  I’m guessing this is pita……
Below is The Mona Lisa, all toasty, in a mall in Hong Kong
You can also read a bit about Mr. Bennett below and check out his website,
For more vegetable art, check out!