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yayoi kusama 10 in 1929 b 1929

Yayoi, b. 1929, Japan, troubled by horrifying dreams. Today she lives and works in the Seiwa Hospital for the Mentally Ill in Japan.

kusama orgy posterearly selfie

Moved to the States in the 60’s, became part of the “Happenings” art scene, staged orgies. She was asexual and terrified of sex, but necked with artist Joseph Cornell.

kusama phallus fetish 1970young yk

The soon to be Princess of Polka Dots had a fear of phallus fetish and worked them into her designs. Kusama was also considered a Pop artist.


She began with her polka dots on pumpkins.

y and blk pumpkin ykyk flowers

Yayoi’s installation art is huge. See her sitting beside her polka dot pumpkin above.

yk for title photo for siteyk pumpkins polka dots

Kusama began experimenting with new shapes and fashion.

yellow and black yklv yk handbags


models for yk lvclooney yk

kusama tokyo studioyk dress

The Princess of Polka Dots began a collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

lv and yk handbagyk bangles


The Princess of Polka dots uses her signature designs on Louis Vuitton store front in Tokyo.

yk and lv store

lv yk interior storeinterior yk lv store

Store display collaboration with Louis Vuitton.


yk red dot 3yk balls


yk last shot?

Kusama  also moves her polka dots into water based environmental installations.

Here she is today, close to 90 years old, she remains a prolific artist, is hot on the auction block and has turned her fears and anxieties into an amazing creative endeavor. Once a national disgrace, She is  now a national treasure in Japan.

For more, visit http://www.yayoi-kusama.jp/


  1. I’m happy to learn that Joseph Cornell did something other than live in his mother’s basement! Very interesting story!

    • yeah, I was happy about that too. They were both pretty dysfunctional in the same way and both did sexy stuff.

  2. I read the piece about Kusama several times in order to absorb it all. Equally as haunting as a child as she is as a 90 year old, her art is provocative. I had never heard of Kusama and so appreciated reading about her and seeing her colorful, creative, and haunting works of art. Thank you so much!

    • To be able to turn her fears and phobias into something creative is truly amazing. To go from a national disgrace to a national treasure is also amazing. Thanks for your comment.

    • her story is amazing. a life of parental abuse, nightmares, voices. She turned all this into a creative endeavor. She was a national disgrace, now is a national treasure. Aside from Georgia O’keeffe, she is one of the most sought after artists at age 86. She voluntarily lives in a mental health facility. Just incredible.
      Thanks for you reply!

  3. My grandmother loved polka-dots, my mother abhors them, and they delight me! Must skip a generation, the appreciation of those whimsical, child-like yet classic little circles. O o O o O o O.

    Is that George Clooney in the black and white dots?

    • And to think that the basis of the dots were created to obliterate that which caused her such sadness. I believe her new series is actually called “Obliteration”
      Thanks for your comments.
      Merle Weismer

  4. The artist shows that the human spirit is strong no matter what. She has become Japan’s national treasure and she has created art which has crossed over to the fashion world.

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