Beautiful Balloons at Bergdorf’s by artist Jason Hackenwerth

Balloon artist, Jason Hackenwerth makes beautiful balloons for Bergdorf Goodman.

beautiful balloonsbeautiful balloons

Art + fashion come together as Jason uses his childhood  skills taught to him by his mother. He learned  how to make balloon animals for parties. From the Guggenheim to Hong Kong he creates art that slowly deflates to the size of a puppy. Here are several examples of his beautiful balloons. His body, face and lungs are his most important tools. This type of physical energy requires him to stretch and meditate each day. The balloon inflating machines just can’t blow up all the skinny beautiful balloons. At times, using over a thousand balloons, he must wear silk wraps on his fingers as the latex wears off his skin. Sometimes he has to make his beautiful balloons on site and make them in sections to be able to fit through doorways.

He began his career by creating these fantastical sculptures in the subway stations in New York City. He has figured out a way of knitting these protoplasmic beautiful balloons into monstrous creations. ” A balloon is a benign object that anyone can afford, but connected they transcend their individuality to become something greater, larger than life. It’s a metaphor for what we’re capable of as species when we unite.”

His works go far beyond the fashion world as he creates beautiful balloons for buildings, TED Talks, The Great Hall of Dinosaurs at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. In addition, he even creating swarms of protruding tentacles atop an ancient lava flow in Oregon. His beautiful balloons transformed Selfridges department store in London into a coral reef jellyfish colony. For this  project Hackenwerth and his assistants worked 10 hours to inflate and twist 35,000 balloons.

Lastly, while  beautiful balloons are not collectible art, he also creates large scale sculptures out of other materials.

beautiful balloonsbeautiful balloons

beautiful balloonsbeautiful balloons

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